Useful Links for Children

We understand that cancer in families is a worrying and difficult for everyone. To help, we have provided some links below that you might find useful in terms of helping you understand the disease and how science and medicine can help.

Information for children with cancer

World Health Organisation (WHO)

Facts, information on rates, prevention, treatment, survival

American Cancer Society

Detailed statistics & informaiton on risk factors, diagnosis, differences between children & adults, teratments, post-treatment

National Cancer Institute (NCI)

Rates, prognosis, causes, differences between children & adults, NIH role in treatment, survivorship advice

Cancer Research UK

Common types, symptoms, causes, survival rates, support resources for families & patients

Childhood Cancer International (CCI) Europe

Support resources, as it represents childhood cancer parents´ and survivors´ groups and other childhood cancer organisations.

The European Society for Pediatric Oncology (SIOP Europe)

European parent & patient organizations

European Reference Network on Paediatric Cancer (ERN PaedCan)

EU initiative for the cooperation of health systems related to pediatric cancer: includes free webinars

Information for children with adult relatives with cancer

World Cancer Research Fund International

Global cancer data by country

European cancer Information System

Estimates of cancer incidents & mortality in Europe in 2022

Cancer Research UK

Worldwide cancer incidence statistics

Global Cancer Observatory

Homepage with link to various useful cancer information


Survival rates globally