INE-CSC Call for Abstracts

February 2024

Call for Abstracts: Empowering Cancer Survivors: Innovations and Insights through Digital Solutions Conference

We are delighted to be launching the call for abstracts for our conference entitled 'Empowering Cancer Survivors: Innovations and Insights through Digital Solutions' which is scheduled for 28th August 2024 in Medical University of Gdańsk, Gdańsk, Poland. We are particularly interested in hearing about innovative digital solutions e.g., wearable technologies, AI, ePROs, mobile applications and platforms, remote monitoring, virtual clinics etc, used to support cancer survivorship care across Europe.

This conference is hosted by COST Action CA21152 Implementation Network Europe for Cancer Survivorship Care (INE-CSC). Abstracts are welcome from members and non-members of the COST Action.

Abstracts are welcome on or before 26th April 2024. Submission online via Google forms: or via email to or using the abstract template here.

You can also use the abstract link in the poster we've prepared here.