Meet the INE-CSC Leadership Team


The INE-CSC Cost Action is a truly trans-national network comprising (currently) 190 members spread across many countries, inlcuding Australia.

The Action is chaired Professor Josephine Hegarty from University College Cork (Ireland) and Vice-chaired by Doctor Ewa Pawlowska of the Medical University of Gdansk (Poland).You can contact them via the project email:

Each of the 4 Working Groups has a dedicated lead to ensure the project aims are achieved.

Information and contact details for the INE-CSC Leadership Team can be found at the COST action website here.


The INE-CSC Network


As stated above, INE-CSC currently stands at 190 network members. The heat map (left) shows the distribution and number of our members by country (please note we have one Australian partner that is not shown)

Each member is associated to one or more of the Working Groups. To see more about the distribution of the members (and their contact details), go to the INE-CSC page at the COST Action website here.

If you would like to become a member of the INE-CSC network, contact the COST Action team at this link.